// emirates - promotional website pitch

art direction

Emirates invited us to pitch several ideas to promote traveling. We gave them three concepts. My role was to art direct and design all three concepts within 3 days.

Concept one idea proposes we place a camera all over the world where users can see sunrise at any time of the day or night at some part of the world 24/7 online via streaming video. The user can also upload their own version of the sunrise in their part of the world.

Concept two proposes the user watch a how to video like how to make a latte foam design from somewhere in Europe or how to tango dance from Spain. After the video is over, the user can take the lesson from the video’s origin place or somewhere near where the user lives.

Last concept is similar to the first but only difference is instead the users get to witness uniques events that embody the optimism of the human spirit to inspire.